Are you considering having a vasectomy in NZ? At The Cooper Clinic, we perform vasectomies for a swift, straightforward, and comfortable procedure providing a lasting solution for your family planning needs. Just a quick snip and seal.

Vasectomy Auckland

What is a vasectomy?

Think of a vasectomy as a permanent roadblock on the sperm’s pathway. By safely and effectively blocking or cutting the vas deferens (the tubes carrying sperm), the sperm can’t join the seminal fluid. The result? A near-zero chance of pregnancy without affecting your sex drive or intimacy.

What are the benefits of vasectomy?

A vasectomy procedure in NZ is a reliable method for birth control:

  • Effective method and safe contraceptive surgical procedure
  • A success rate of over 99%
  • A permanent birth control method, eliminating the need for continuous hormonal treatment or medication
  • No impact on sexual intercourse, pleasure or satisfaction. A vasectomy won’t impact your ability to have or maintain an erection, have an orgasm or ejaculate
  • Cooper Clinic uses the innovative No-Scalpel Vasectomy technique for a minimally invasive procedure with faster recovery and less tissue trauma than a regular vasectomy
Vasectomy Auckland

Why choose The Cooper Clinic for your vasectomy in New Zealand?

Friday Clinic

Understanding the value of your time and peace of mind, The Cooper Clinic reserves Fridays exclusively for vasectomies. This ensures you maximise recovery over the weekend without work disruptions. For those feeling anxious, we offer a mild sedation option.

Fixed Fee – Single Visit

Our streamlined appointment system combines both the initial assessment and the vasectomy procedure in a single visit. Our extensive experience over the years ensures we can handle even the most complex cases with finesse.

Gold Standard Testing

We utilise the latest technology and gold-standard testing to ensure accuracy in procedures and sperm count. Approximately twelve weeks after your no-scalpel vasectomy in NZ, we will carry out gold-standard testing to determine the success of your surgery.

Discreet & Private

Your privacy is paramount to us. All our sessions are confidential, and there’s no need for a GP referral. Our clinics are strategically designed to maximise privacy and create a comforting environment.

Unrushed Consultations

Our consultations are thorough, ensuring every concern is addressed and you are well informed. We never rush – your understanding and comfort are our priorities.

Short Waitlist

We pride ourselves on efficiency. With The Cooper Clinic, you won’t be bogged down by long waitlists. We aim to get you in, snipped and on your way as swiftly as possible.

Meet our team

Dr Luke Wee

Dr Luke Wee

Vasectomy Doctor, Founder of The Cooper Clinic

Luke, our own vasman, is a vocationally-registered doctor with a special interest in Vasectomy and Men’s Health. He performs vasectomies on a regular basis, with a record of close to 3000 vasectomies by his hands alone. He is a Fellow of the Royal New Zealand College of General Practitioners. He regularly updates himself professionally at a national and international level. He is a member of the Association of Surgeons in Primary Care and an international vasectomy peer group.


Dr Terry Zhang

Vasectomy Doctor

Terry is a vasectomy doctor with The Cooper Clinic with many years of experienced in surgical and medical procedures. Having completed his medical training at the University of Otago, Terry had further training in various medical and surgical specialties before specialising in family planning. He puts his patients at ease with his calm and gentle manner, with a good attention to detail.


Alice Maina

Clinic Nurse

Alice is our clinic nurse based in Pukekohe and supports our clinic across New Zealand. Originally from Kenya, Alice did her training in Whangarei before relocating to Auckland with her family. She has a strong interest in primary care and connecting with patients. She loves fashion, food and spending time with family.

Mr Snip Cooper

Office Mascot

Cooper is our office mascot which reminding us of who we are as a team, our values and our vision for stronger men’s health services across the country.

Jeremie Frederec Lau

Team Leader

Jeremie is our current Team Leader with expertise as a medical assistant, operations lead, IT guru and patient journey navigator. He enjoys tramping, water sports and has a passion for technology and programming.

Adele Miles

Quality Improvement Nurse Manager

Adele has worked in both public and private healthcare settings in New Zealand and the United Kingdom since completing her Bachelor of Nursing at The University of Auckland in 2006. Her nursing career includes a varied range of specialties; emergency care, breast screening, surgical private hospital nursing, fertility and gastroenterology.

What is the cost of a vasectomy in New Zealand?

Quality care shouldn’t break the bank. At Cooper Clinic, we believe in transparent and affordable pricing.

Cost of a vasectomy with local anaesthetic


IV sedation


You may be eligible for a free vasectomy with an approved insurance provider (terms and conditions apply).

The Cooper Clinic technique

At Cooper Clinic we employ a cutting-edge technique known as a no-scalpel vasectomy. NZ patients will have their scrotum numbed before we use our modern electrosurgical device to create one tiny puncture before the vas deferens are snipped. This minimally invasive approach offers a quicker recovery, less discomfort and fewer complications.

Our 5-step process

  1. Request an appointment online or a free phone consultation
  2. Virtual pre-operative consultation
  3. Procedure day
  4. Semen samples tested at 3 months
  5. Vasectomy clearance

Is a vasectomy right for me?

Before getting a vasectomy, you should think carefully about your decision. It is not always possible to perform a vasectomy reversal if your circumstances change so it’s a good idea to talk it over with your partner.

It may be time for the snip if:

  • Both you and your partner feel your family is complete
  • You’re looking for an effective, reliable and permanent contraceptive method
  • Condoms or hormone-based birth control methods aren’t right for you or your partner

Feel free to contact us to discuss if a vasectomy is the right option for you.

What to expect from a vasectomy in NZ

1. Preparing for the procedure

Once you are booked in for your vasectomy in NZ, you will be provided with pre-operative instructions, such as:

  • Don’t take non-steroidal anti-inflammatories (NSAIDs) like Ibuprofen the day before and the day of your procedure
  • Don’t drink alcohol the day before your procedure
  • Take a warm shower on the day of your vasectomy
  • Wear firm-fitting underwear on the day; please don’t wear boxers
  • We encourage you to shave your pubic area the morning of your procedure
  • Keep an ice pack ready in your car.

2. The no-scalpel vasectomy procedure

The no-scalpel technique is a small operation and permanent method of contraception. On the day of your vasectomy in NZ:

  • You will have a local anaesthetic to numb the scrotum.
  • A small opening is created using an electrosurgical device to access the vas deferens
  • The vas deferens are then lifted through this small opening
  • Each tube is then cut and the ends of the vas deferens are sealed shut by heat or tying them closed
  • The cut tubes remain separate and are gently inserted back into the same hole in the scrotum
  • These blocked and scarred portions will no longer allow sperm cells through
  • The tiny puncture heals quickly and generally won’t even need a stitch to close it up

3. Recovery from vasectomy

Post your vasectomy in NZ you will be provided with aftercare instructions, such as:

  • Use ice packs to reduce any swelling
  • Over-the-counter pain relief such as paracetamol can be used
  • You may be able to return to work the following day, depending on your job
  • If you have a strenuous job that requires heavy lifting you may need to take 1 full week off, with only light work and duties for the second week
  • Avoid contact sports and heavy lifting for a few weeks
  • No sexual activity for a week
  • Use an additional form of contraception for 12 weeks following your surgery
  • 3 months after your surgery we will conduct a semen test, where we expect to see negative sperm counts

What our patients say

“I would highly recommend Dr Wee for your vasectomy. He takes care of you quickly and painlessly. If you closed your eyes and blocked your ears you would not even know it was happening.  10/10 for his communications, service and value.”

RL. from Glen Eden

“Friendly and professional doctor and nurse, on time and prepared. Good premises with parking within the Fred Thomas Drive medical centre…”


“In and out in 10 minutes, and pain level was a surprisingly pleasant 2/10 during the procedure. Felt sweet the next day even washed my cars, highly recommend.”


Frequently Asked Questions

What qualifications does a vasectomy doctor have?

The main qualification is to be a registered doctor. From there, a vasman in NZ has undertaken further training in performing a traditional vasectomy or in using the no-scalpel technique (which is what we use at The Cooper Clinic).

How do you get a vasectomy in New Zealand?

Once you have decided that a vasectomy is the right choice, it is a matter of choosing a vasectomy doctor and booking in for your procedure. The no-scalpel technique is a simple procedure where local anaesthetic is used to numb the scrotum, a tiny hole is created in the scrotum, and the tubes carrying sperm are then snipped and the ends of vas deferens are reinserted in the same puncture hole.

Who performs a vasectomy in New Zealand?

A urologist or a doctor who has received further training can perform a vasectomy in New Zealand. The actual procedure can be relatively simple, however, a vasectomy reversal can be much more difficult and will need the skills of a urologist or surgeon for a successful operation.

How does a vasectomy work?

Essentially a vasectomy works as a form of tubal ligation, where a doctor will cut tubes carrying sperm so the live sperm cannot leave the body. After 12 weeks they will conduct semen tests and confirm negative sperm counts.

Can a vasectomy fail?

Whilst vasectomies have a high success rate, no procedure is 100%. At Cooper Clinic we offer free re-dos if your vasectomy has failed. We also encourage patients to contact us if they have any complications post their procedure. There is a 1% to 2% of possible complications such as sperm granuloma, bleeding or infection.

What is it like to have a vasectomy?

A local anaesthetic is used to numb the scrotum so the minimally invasive surgery is generally painless. Most men are back to a normal routine within a few days, however, we strongly recommend no sex for a week, avoid heavy lifting for at least 2 weeks and use ice packs and simple pain relief like paracetamol to alleviate any discomfort.

Is a vasectomy reversible in NZ?

Whilst it’s possible to perform a vasectomy reversal, it’s not always a guarantee. The procedure involves re-joining the ends of the vas deferen that have been cut. You should discuss this with your doctor or a vasman in NZ to determine if a reversal would work for you.

Are there any long-term health risks of having a vasectomy?

Vasectomies are considered a safe and highly effective form of permanent contraception for men. Long-term health risks associated with vasectomy are very rare. Complications can occur, as with any surgical procedure, but these are typically minor and treatable. Research has largely refuted any major long-term risks.